Aptamil – 4 Growing Up Milk (2-3Y) – 800g

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  • Patented Next Generation Formulation
  • Vitamins A, C & D, Iron, GOS/FOS (9:1)
  • With vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system
  • Enriched with Iron to support normal cognitive development
  • In addition to key vitamins A, C & D, Aptamil® Growing Up Milk contains: Calcium for normal growth and development of bone, Iron to support normal cognitive development, Iodine to help support the normal growth of children
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How to use this pack
To open, remove tamper evidence strip on the rim of the pack.
There is a handy leveller built into the pack. Store your scoop in the lid so that it is kept safe and secure.
Click the lid securely shut to keep your powder fresh.

Preparing your toddler’s feed
Because of powdered milks are not sterile, failure to follow instructions may make your toddler ill.
1. Measure 150ml of 5fl. oz boiled, cooled water into a clean beaker.
2. Using the scoop provided, add 5 leveled scoops of powder into the beaker.
3. Replace lid on beaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds to dissolve powder.
4. Check temperature and drink immediately.


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