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Baby Dreaming Party House Simulation Driving

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  • Its 2 x rear-view mirrors, left and right indicator, screen with a cyclic, rotating stage, gear stick
  • Button to start music, radio station with a microphone, a panel with the sounds of an ambulance, a fire engine, a police car, horn
  • Function of switching off, amplifying, turning down, brake pedal, gas pedal
  • Control lamps for turning right and left (back), front bumper, stable footrest, power control lamp
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Dreaming Party House Simulation Driving Cab Toy is a unique driving simulator for young car and racing enthusiasts. Thanks to this set, your child will feel like a real driver, learn the rules of driving a car and learn about traffic. The set consists of a driving simulator and a stool. Your child can control the car on the screen and drive it along the way. While driving, it can avoid obstacles, change gears, brake, accelerate, turn on the indicators, and trump. It can be the driver of a police car, ambulance or fire engine. The simulator has 3 gears: gear 0 – stopping the vehicle, gear 1 – slow driving, gear 2 – fast driving. The footrest has movable gas pedals (green) and brake (blue). Acceleration and braking are accompanied by the sounds of these activities. During the change of direction, the lights on the direction indicators and on the back of the simulator flash.


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