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Baby High Chair

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  • Folding size: 58*24.5*85cm
  • Dining chair net weight: 8.5kg
  • Floor area: 0.45m2
  • Backrest angle: 105°/125°/145°
  • Left and right foot spacing: 57cm
  • Front and rear foot spacing: 75cm
  • Overall height: 105cm
  • Plate from the backrest: 21.5-25.5cm
  • Plate size: 55*33cm
  • Seat size: 35*83cm
  • Distance from the plate to the ground: 56-82.5cm
  • Seat off the ground: 30-61cm
  • Bracket length: 76.5cm
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Foldable armrests, dining chair, chair, stool, second switch, closer to the table to eat!

High and low seven-speed adjustment, three-speed adjustment of the chair, three-step adjustment of the plate, giving the baby a full range of enjoyment.

It is as pure and transparent as crystal, and can be directly in contact with food. Note: Due to different batches, the beige plate and the full transparent plate are shipped randomly, subject to the receipt of the matter.

Semi-open bionic embrace design

Exquisite lines, round and burr-free.

The foundation is stable and the foot is firm and non-slip.

5-point thickened seat belt

Folding compact, one-piece storage, no competition with the room. 1. The armrest can be folded, so that the plate can be folded and stored together with the armrest while being stored, saving space and not easily losing the plate. 2. The tray hook design allows the plate to be hung on the leg bracket when it is stored, saving space and not easily losing the plate.



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