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Baby Potty Chair

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  • The use of environmentally friendly pp material, strong adhesion, environmental non-toxic, not litter, fade, security
  • Backrest-style toilet design, the use of safe support baby soft back, when not only need to cover the back, it will become a lovely little stool
  • Design concept fully follow the children’s engineering design, accurate measurement, streamline shape, the angle of both, recognize the toilet structure, let the baby in advance familiar with the use
  • Removable design, large drawer slot, the internal smooth edges and corners, easy to clean, easy to install
  • Clamshell seal design, when not in use can be covered with a lid, both beautiful and generous, but also effectively isolated odor, reduce bacterial growth
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Say farewell to the old way of potty training your baby! The new Babyhood potties are a real game changer.They have a unique design and color to attract your child and grow his interest in using it.

They are comfortable in the toilet seat and are made of a high quality material to protect your baby’s safety and health.


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