Baby Walker

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  • High quality, durable material
  • A lively toy table
  • Encourage children to exercise more


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Safe material
–  Bibo’s sun-set car 167B2 is made of high-quality plastic material that is environmentally friendly, and the chassis is made of solid alloy with good bearing capacity, which will bring maximum safety to the baby, Parents can be assured when they play. High quality materials ensure good durability over time.
– The whole fabric cushion is made from safe material, does not cause skin irritation, breathable, brings a comfortable and durable color when washing and cleaning. 
– The  battery-operated toy table  below, safe for children to use.
Smart, flexible design
– Sun walker 167B2 has a system of 7 cast wheels with 5 360-degree revolving wheels operating smoothly, arranged along the chassis to help distribute power more evenly, thereby helping children move more easily.
– Soft and ventilated cushioned seats combined with spacious backrest, smoothness for the baby to add comfort and comfort in each campaign. 
– Flexible frame, easy to install with height adjustment steps, fit with the stature as well as each stage of baby development, making it easy for children to adapt to the first steps, while creating baby The most comfortable posture when using the car.
– Baby walkers are designed to add a sturdy round handle in the back so that parents can help them move conveniently as well as take them to safe locations.
Beautiful design, attractive
– The car combines more colorful colors, stands out in the car cushion with the ocean image, the toy table with garden design brings products to attract children right from the first sight.
– Toy table simulating an early morning garden with fresh and fun trees:
 + The center is a mushroom house with windows and doors that are music emitting buttons. Just tap, the different funny songs will sound. On the mushroom are twinkling glowing lights, attracting the baby’s gaze.
 + On the left is a funny green worm lying on the leaf. The worm can rotate 360 ​​degrees on the leaf.
 + On the right hand is a red frog with a belly, a round ball. When sitting, the baby can spin the ball very happily.
 + In particular, there is a toy bar with 2 suns and a pretty red bear. The sun and the bear can rotate, each time it makes a happy sound.
– Easy to disassemble toy table to become a convenient table for children.
Easy to store and clean
– A walker can be folded to help parents carry it easily when traveling or storing when not in use.
– Cloth cushion for baby support can be removed, help mother simple and convenient when cleaning and washing.
– Products suitable for babies over 6 months old.
– Product size (D x R x C): 66 x 63 x 55 cm.


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