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Barbie On The Go Carnival Playset

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  • Barbie On the Go small doll and her pony can really walk through fairway at the Barbie On the Go carnival track set, seat Barbie On the Go Doll on the pony’s saddle (a clip holds her in place) and push the button on the pony’s chest, it will begin walking on the track with real motorized action
  • 10-piece track can be reconfigured in multiple ways and has accessories that feature nine movements activated when Barbie doll passes by on her pony, like a lamppost, clock and signboard that turn, gates that swing and a refreshment stand with twirling sign, a bench and gallery-style game add to the scene
  • Ferris wheel is the main attraction, the colourful ride has three seats with clips to hold Barbie On the Go Dolls in place
  • 4-inch Barbie doll is ready to ride with flexible hips and knees that allow her to sit and a head that bobbles to add laughter to the ride, her removable helmet matches her pony’s saddle and removable bit

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‚ÄčOn the go is Barbie doll’s first-ever track system built to inspire new ways to play. Barbie doll and her friends really move with motorized ponies, cars and scooters – and they stay on track for play set storytelling. Barbie on the go small doll and pony are ready to ride the rides at the Barbie on the go carnival track set – Barbie doll and her pony can really ride, and a fun bobbling head movement on Barbie doll adds even more action to an active course. The track has nine activation points where the passing pony and rider trigger a movement. But let your imagination decide when and where. The 10-piece track can be configured in multiple ways to tell endless stories. Just snap the pieces together and place the accessories to create a course. Moving accessories include the swinging entrance and exit gates, a turning lamppost, signpost and clock and a refreshment stand with a twirling sign. A bench and a gallery game inspire more stories. But the main attraction is the Ferris wheel. It has three seats with clips that can hold Barbie on the go dolls in place for a ride (other dolls sold separately, subject to availability). spin the wheel by turning the crank. Get the fun started by seating Barbie on the go small doll on her pony. The adorable animal has a clip to hold the 4-inch doll in place. Then set the pony and doll on the track, and push the button on the pony’s chest. It will start walking and follow the track to the end. Then start all over again for another ride through the play set. The motorized action is so cool. Try out different configurations and combinations, and start the pony at either end of the play set. You can also collect other dolls and ponies in the line to expand the story possibilities and race opportunities (each sold separately, subject to availability). young imaginations will have so much fun with this versatile play set. Includes Barbie on the go doll, battery-powered pony, 10 track pieces and accessories that include working Ferris wheel. Colours and decorations may vary.


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