Barbie Blonde Doll and Playset

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  • Barbie doll is caring for three adorable puppies, and it’s bath-time!
  • The playset comes with a bathtub that can be filled with water and a bottle that can be filled with soap. pour over a puppy in the tub to create a foaming bath!
  • A doll-sized soap bottle and two brushes have handles that Barbie doll can hold to encourage role-play fun!
  • Dry the puppies off with the towel, and use the puppy carrier to help carry them on an adventure!
  • Barbie doll is ready to make a playtime splash wearing a pink patterned tank, denim shorts and white sneakers — knees that bend allow for real bath-time action.

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Barbie doll loves all animals, especially puppies. She has three adorable four-legged friends to care for and they are ready for a bath! Kids will love helping Barbie doll wash these dogs — she has a bathtub, a child-sized and a doll-sized soap bottle, a towel, two brushes and a pet carrier so kids can play out all kinds of grooming! Fill the bathtub with water and the kid-sized bottle with soap (sold separately) and water, then use it to give the puppies a foaming bath and really make a playtime splash! Barbie doll’s knees bend for a realistic effect, and some of the pieces have handles Barbie doll can hold to encourage role-play fun. Animal lovers will want to adopt the puppies and play all day.


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