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Chica Natural-Fit Manual Breast Pump

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  • A body bottle
  • A Nipple
  • 2pcs spill pads
  • A base
  • A colorful box
  • Silicone chest guard.
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Chica silica gel ball breast pumps have 8 Advantages

1. In advance to help clear the breast as soon as possible to prepare breast milk Prepared in advance to milk, baby colostrum in a timely manner, to avoid the consumption of milk first.

Sucked out breast milk can improve milk production, can also guarantee the baby regular consumption of milk, and you can manage your own baby food intake growth: while avoiding milk chocking by giving baby milk too fast or too little milk when the baby is hungry. Direct breastfeeding mothers are always worried about insufficient breast milk. do not know how to determine whether the baby to not know the extent of growth of baby breastfeeding. breastmilk pumping at compared to the month of the baby food intake compared. If indeed lack replenish formula. Some mothers milk do jet-like. Easy to choke the baby to suck out the milk by bottle feeding to avoid this.

2. Consumption of natural breast milk is best let your baby have natural breast milk and bottle nipples as an option.

Direct breastfeeding is likely to cause the baby nipple that the baby for a long time sucking, while the real effective sucking a long time is not easy to develop the habit of sleeping containing nipple.

3. Can be sucked out before the milk lost let your baby eat nutritious breast milk when hungry.  

Before the milk is generally more clear, after the milk is more concentrated, rich milk before the milk content of nutrients not, baby and effective sucking only a few minutes before, sucked all milk, many parents see the baby fell asleep or less suck not let the baby continue to that the baby missed the nutrient-rich milk after.

4. Reduce mother feeding of discomfort allows a woman’s natural feeding becomes easy

Mother feeding baby to go out anywhere do not have to worry about going out and cannot make baby food nutritious natural breast milk. Can also reduce the mother feeding time too long, posture remains unchanged, which makes backache leg pain; reduce mother nipple cracking avoid the resulting pain; baby’s sucking the nipple of the mother’s bite is apt to cause inflammation, resulting in the forced termination of breast-feeding.

5. Breast pump is relatively easy to determine whether the breast being sucked empty, only emptying the breast will not affect milk production.

6. May reduce long baby milk rash 

Direct breastfeeding breast milk made a baby face, neck fine resulting in eczema, of course eczema there are other reasons.

7. Storage of natural breast milk develop your baby a bottle habits

Baby grew up first contact with bottles, bottle would not have been rejected, convenient watering the baby, but also for the mother breast-feeding to go out after work to create the conditions; many babies accustomed to his mother refused the bottle nipple making watering too much trouble and mother want to go out, always worried about the children who are not breastfed. with a breast pump, you can put breast milk into the fridge and warm it up later.

8.Suited to reduce the baby’s weaning Convenient from a single food to add complementary excessive.

The weaning is relatively easy, not dependent on the mother’s breast, the appropriate timely add to the baby other foods, gradually try to get rid of the breast milk. Refused to eat some baby weaning other things, the bottle would be easier over time.

Whole sets of breast pumps like the image as follows.

  1. A body bottle
  2. A Nipple
  3. 2pcs spill pads
  4. A base
  5. A colorful box
  6. Silicone chest guard.


1. Naturally out of milk by simulating the baby’s sucking mode

2. Soft silica gel of ergonomic designed chest shield can massage and   protect breast.

3. Strong of liquid silica gel ball is safe and hygiene. adjust of air valve.

4. 0%BPA




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