Electric Swing Cradle

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  • The function of electrohandling back and forth.
  • The vibration function simulates a ride in a car and makes it easy to lull a baby in a cradle
  • The cradle plays nice tunes
  • A game arc with delicate pendant toys: a giraffe, a ladybug and a bee of bright colors with clear lines – develops visual, color perception and hearing, fine motor skills, cause and effect relationships. The arc is adjustable in height.
  • comfortable headrest in the form of a muzzle of a teddy bear
  • Three-point seat belts provide comfort and confidence
  • The swing cradle can be covered with a mosquito dome
  • Under the cradle is a textile stretch for storing accessories for caring for a newborn, diapers, cream, nipples.
  • Convenient side handles on cradle racks – you can easily move the cradle with the newborn.
  • The remote control allows you to adjust the melody and vibration of the cradle at a distance.
  • When you press the side buttons of the cradle racks, the product is folded into a compact design, convenient for storage.
  • The soft, most comfortable sleeping place of the cradle is eco-friendly, breathable textiles, removable, machine washable. Wonderful bright colors will not fade after washing.
  • Maximum load 15 kg.
  • The weight of the cradle is 4.8 kg.
  • The size of the rocking cradle for a newborn is 57x72x78 cm.
  • Comes in a colorful branded box – it’s nice to buy a cradle for yourself or as a gift.
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Ways of charging electric swing.
Comes with a 220 Volt AC adapter.
2 ways:
– either recharge rechargeable batteries (4 x 1.5V AA) with an adapter (not included).
– either use 4 finger batteries (4 x 1.5V AA) (not included).


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