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Engineer Chair Set

৳ 3,202.50

  • Item No: 008-805
  • Desc: Deluxe super set
  • Size: 32.5*26.5*19.6cm
  • Package: 80*33*63.5cm

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  • This set is enclosed in a neat chair. The packaging chair will also save the child from making a mess because everything can be put back into it.
  • The set includes, among others: cars, traffic lights changing color, signs, lanes, crane, barriers. 
  • The product is intended for children from 3 years. 
  • The toy operates on AA batteries. The batteries are not in the toy. 
  • The product is made of plastic. It has a shapely handle at the top that will help in moving the set. 
  • The dimensions provided are the dimensions of the packaging.


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