Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Baby Carrier

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The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Cool Air Baby Carrier is designed to keep your baby cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days. It features a breathable mesh panel that allows for better airflow, as well as a 100% cotton lining that is gentle against your baby’s skin.

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  • Mother facing position: 
    Ages: 0-24 months, while:
    0-4 months (weight approx. 3.2-5.5 kg): must use a backpack with a newborn insert (
    4-24 months (weight 5.5 kg–12.5 kg) : Use backpack without insert
    There is no wearing time limit.
  • Position “Facing the world”: 
    Age: 5-24 months, baby weight 6.5 – 10 kg:
    Recommended wearing time in this position – 15 minutes
  • Position “On the side (on the hip)”: 
    Age: 6-24 months, baby weight 7.8 – 12.2 kg:
    In this position, the load falls on only one side, so we recommend changing the position more often (either on the right side, then on the left)
  • Position “Behind Mom”: 
    Age: 6-36 months, baby weight 7.8 – 15 kg:
    This position is great for older babies. There is no time limit for wearing this position. You can control the baby (see how he is there 🙂 using a mirror or a video camera in the “selfie” position.



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