Farlin – Gulu Gulu Straw Drinking Cup

Product Code: AET-012C

৳ 599

Easy – drinking, super soft silicone straw and spout for baby. Ergonomic lid to protect spout and straw. Suitable for any occasion. The concept behind the GULU GULU training mug is as lovable as the resulting product. Drinking water or milk should never be a hassle, With this drink-mug, you don’t have to worry. No more handling unnecessary extra extension ring or even extra washing.

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Products for children 9 months and older
Soft silicone suction is designed to prevent the risk of suffocation for the baby and spill-proof in all cases regardless of when the lid is opened and closed.
Intake system opens modern, innovative design, nozzle located in the guard, help prevent liquid inside spilled, ensuring maximum hygiene.
Integrated system valve in the lid of the jar twists easily help children practice oral, minimizing the risk of flatulence, bloating and gas after drinking baby.
Designed handles with wavy ridges help hold little easier when using the product.
Safe and convenient, can be boiled, autoclaved.
Farlin drinking cup set is very convenient when used for juice, smoothies even when you go out to the toilet lid.


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