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Foldable Multi-Functional Crib Games Bed

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  • Model:BP8103
  • Size:120*60*76cm
  • Package size: 28*23*79.5cm
  • Net weight: 10.8kg
  • Gross weight: 11.8kg
  • Color: Khaki
  • Material:Oxford cloth+ iron tube
  • Features: Portable, height-adjustable, mosquito net, seat belt, universal wheel, game bed, foldable
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Baby play cots are a safe place for babies from 0 to 2 years old to sleep and play. They can be used at home or on trips. The high-quality play bed is very attractive, easy to fold, versatile, and will last you for several years.
In Europe and the United States, many parents will save a separate baby carrier and changing table in the children’s room, and they are willing to choose to buy a play bed that includes these functions.
The play bed is easy to move from one room to another, which is especially important for you during the newborn period. During the day, you can push the little guy to any place in the house to take a nap. At night, you can put the play bed next to your bed to facilitate feeding and changing diapers in the middle of the night.
Of course, the play crib is also very helpful when you travel or go out. For example, whether you are in a restaurant or go to your grandmother’s house, the play crib can provide a familiar place for your baby to sleep.In addition, if you are in a place with more risk factors, such as the beach or a relative’s home who has not done home security protection, the play bed can also create a safe area for your baby, especially when the baby is already crawling or curious. When the heart is particularly strong.
When the child grows up and his mobility increases, if you need to do other things, such as work or housework, the play bed can also become a safe haven.From the time the baby starts to crawl (approximately between 6-10 months) until he is about 2 years old, the play bed can perform this function.


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