Funskool Candyland Game

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  • Classic game with updated graphics and sculpted, detailed pawns
  • Passing the peppermint forest and the ice cream sea on the way, the first one to reach the candy castle wins
  • This is the classic “child’s first game”, and preschoolers will love it
  • Children draw colored cards, and move their plastic gingerbread playing tokens to the next square of the same color
  • No reading required to play

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Board Game for Preschoolers
Funskool Candyland game is a classic version that is especially designed to be your kid’s first board game. Preschoolers will love playing with it as it involves a lot of fun twists and turns along the way. The game is an exotic race to the king’s castle in Candyland. Whoever reaches the castle first is the winner. Kids need to pass through the peppermint forest and the ice cream sea, on their way to the king’s castle. With the Candyland game, children can draw coloured card and move their plastic gingerbread. The game makes for quite a few entertaining hours for kids.

Helps Kids Socialise and Identify Colours
Kids also need to undertake a journey along the magical rainbow path and pit their skills against magical colours in this board game. Let your little one embark on this adventurous journey with Dora and her friends and discover things in the journey. Kids can also call over their friends to join them in this exciting game. The Candyland game for kids helps kids hone their social interaction skills so that they can play with other children in the same age group. It also enhances colour identification and counting skills as the game progresses.

Brand: Funskool
Type: Board game
Designed for preschoolers
Kids need to reach the king’s castle first to win the game
Enhances colour detection and counting skills
Encourages social skills


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