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Funskool – Game of Games (14 Games)

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  • 14 different game in one
  • Be the first to reach the finish square after beating all the other players in the different games – that is the objective
  • Think: Action, strategy words and chance have all come together on one board
  • Enjoy the game with family and friends

A Classic Collection Of 14 Games ! Game of games includes a classic collection of 14 family favorite games, Skittles, Bowling, Snooker, Rink, Hooplah, Golf, Roulette, Word Chain, Rapid fire, I Spy, Game of numbers, Higher or lower, Game of 12, Score more Contents: 1 game board, 1 spinner set, 1 hooplah set consisting of base, holder and 4 rings, 1 pendulum set consisting of base, string weight and rotating peg, 1 golfing green, 1 tee, 1 club,1 pack of cards, 1 snooker set consisting of 6 marbles, pole and snooker table corner 6 bowling pins, 1 ball for bowling, 2 dice, 4 pawns and 1 buffer for rink game. No.of players: 2-4 Players


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