Kids Bicycle 14inch

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  • 【Withstands 176.4 lbs (80 kg)】 Improved thick tube wall design can effectively improve the body’s resistance and provide a smooth ride and a sturdy and durable body
  • 【Traditional Painting Process】Baking sticker, sleep spray, 3-bake process, gorgeous color, unique smell, interior baked decal, no peeling or fading
  • 【Post Disc Brakes for Efficient Braking】Fast response, high efficiency braking and stop with braking. Driving is light, low resistance, and easy to use. Convenient for children to ride when traveling, traveling, going to school or work
  • Comfortable Saddle: A whimsical ride, slow rebound memory foam, unexpected softness, and a more comfortable ride
  • 【Perfect Gift】Comfortable pedals. Even small children can ride this bicycle with confidence. The material is soft, impact reduction, and is very comfortable to ride. The stylish and soft design makes it a great gift for birthdays, children’s days, Christmas, etc
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Solid body withstands up to 80kg

Safety Guard Closed Chain Cover

Flexible Crank Joint

Ball Anti-Slip Pedals

Effectively reduces bumpy roads and provides a burden free ride

Magnesium Alloy Integrated Tire

and replace magnesium alloy with excellent hardness and strength. Not only is it lightweight, but also corrosion resistant.

Upgrade the thick tube wall design, effectively improve the body’s endurance ability, stabilize the ride, make the body sturdy and durable

Traditional painting process

Inside of baking sticker, 3 spray and 3 bake process, gorgeous color, no peculiar smell, interior baked decal, no peeling, no fading

Rear Disc Brake

Fast response, high efficiency braking and stop with brake

Comfortable Saddle

Slow rebound memory foam, unexpected softness to make your ride more whimsy






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