Kindi Kids Berri D’Lish Doll

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  • “Smell My Sweet Strawberry Scent Kindi Kids Scented Sisters are the sweetest sisters around. Berri D’Lish has a beautiful Strawberry Blossom scent. Just like her baby sister Blossom Berri “
  • “We Wobble And Bobble Just Like A Toddler Kindi Kids Scented Sisters wobble and bobble their heads, like a toddler walking for the first time. They are super cute and they seem to come alive in your hands”
  • “I’m A Big Sister Berri D’Lish is a big sister of Blossom Berri Both adorable sisters have a delicious strawberry scent. Squeezy Blossom Berri’s tummy and she will blow you a strawberry scented kiss They love being together and playing games. Collect all the Scented Sisters”
  • “Removable Shoes and Clothes The Kindi Kids Scented Sisters have clothing and shoes that can be removed easily for extra imaginary play Berri D’Lish wears an outfit that suits her personality and theme From her Strawberry Hair Clips to her berri sweet shoes”
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