LEGO Heartlake Riding Club Set [Online Only]

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  • It includes a stable 2-floor construction with rotating weather vane and a courtyard with horse feed), practical jumping with 2 height options, rotating and potable), and a toilet station
  • Accessories included: helmets, reins, saddles, horse blankets, trophies, brushes, combs 3, 4, 5, 6, soap horse bottles, hair ties, bucket, fork, hay, Apple and a carrot
  • Includes Mia and Stephanie mini dolls in Gear riding, plus a mouse and 2 horses: 1 Black and 1 White and coffee with markings
  • Second floor has Windows, a cafeteria with table and benches for opening meals, a loft area with 2 beds and a house mouse
  • stables measured more 6 “(17 cm) high, 12” (32 cm) wide and 5 “(14 cm) deep
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6 years & up. Use the exercise horse to heat the Ponies, then jumping-you can even raise the bar when you drop it. Horse groom and get dressed in the changing room area. After the competition put the horses to bed and hang out with Mia and Stephanie in the cafeteria of the riding club before bedding in the loft-it another Early Start tomorrow. 575 pieces Includes: Mia and Stephanie mini-dolls in Riding Gear, plus a mouse and 2 horses: 1 Black and 1 white and coffee with markings, 2-storey stable building with Turning Veleta, horse exercise yard, swivel with jumping practice With 2 height options, food and Drinking Trough, toilet station, bathroom, washbasin, Trophy display, and Helmet Stand, table, benches, 2 beds, mouse, house, helmets.


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