LEGO Mighty Micros: Supergirl vs. Brainiac Set

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  • Includes Supergirl and Brainiac minifigures with mini legs
  • Mighty micros Rocket features Supergirl wings, rear wing and hood with ‘s’ symbol decoration
  • Brainiac by Mighty micros UFO has a Bubble windshield and Brainiac Skull Decoration
  • Several sets of Mighty micros to collect, including 76092 Mighty micros: Batman vs. Harley Quinn and 76093 Mighty micros: Wing Night vs. the Battle of Joker, for even more fun
  • Rocket is more than 1 “(4 cm) high, 1” (5 cm) long and 1 “(5 cm) wide, UFO is more than 1” (5 cm) high, 1 “(5 cm) long and 1 “(4 cm) wide
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A team with Supergirl on a space mission to retrieve the shrunken bottle City of kandor from Brainiac superhero with this fun toy for boys and girls. This set LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty micros Features Supergirl Rocket and Brainiac of UFO vehicles, 2 minifigures with Mini legs, Plus play-inspiring Shrunken City and magnifying glass elements.


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