LEGO Minecraft Alex BigFig with Chicken Set

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  • Build, play and create cool Minecraft displays with this large-scale buildable Alex Minecraft toy, complete with her diamond sword and Minecraft chicken!
  • Press the lever on Alex’s back to raise and lower her Minecraft sword
  • This collectible figurine measures over 5” (13cm) tall
  • 160 pieces – For boys and girls aged 7+ and for fans and kids of all ages
  • The LEGO Minecraft 21149 Alex BigFig with Chicken construction toy can be built together with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative building
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Download instructions PDF plans for LEGO Minecraft Alex BigFig with Chicken Set 21149 (Booklet 1)


Make and meet a monumental Minecraft hero with this easy-to-build LEGO Minecraft Alex BigFig, complete with a buildable chicken Minecraft figure and a diamond Minecraft sword! Use the lever on Alex’s back to raise and lower her left arm and position her limbs to create dynamic poses. Then place her on the display baseplate to bring Minecraft magic to your home, office or anywhere that needs an air of high adventure!

LEGO, Minecraft

Buildable Minecraft display figure

This buildable large-scale Alex action figure is instantly recognizable from the internationally-acclaimed free building game.

LEGO, Minecraft

Display model that’s fun too

Kids will want to build and display this iconic Minecraft BigFig and play with the cool automated right arm and chicken too.

LEGO Minecraft Alex BigFig with Chicken

LEGO, Minecraft

LEGO, Minecraft

LEGO, Minecraft

Awesome display combinations

Alex’s arms can be moved into dynamic poses.

Lever on the back

Pressing lever on back raises and lowers arm with sword.

Display baseplate

BigFig can stand and pose on the sturdy baseplate.

LEGO, Minecraft

Easy-to-build Minecraft action figure

Quick and fun building experience to display and play out scenarios from Minecraft.

LEGO, Minecraft

Check out the Minecraft BigFig series

There are three iconic Minecraft BigFig display models to collect and build.


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