LEGO Olivia’s Hamster Playground Set

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  • Build a smart spinning hamster wheel and fill the crowds of LEGO Friends Heartlake with your amazing pets.
  • This set includes an Olivia mini doll, 3 hamster figures, a hamster wheel with swivel function, mini car, mini motorcycle, slalom, ramp and a hoop.
  • 81 pieces – For boys and girls 6 years old] and for fans and children of all ages
  • The wheel measures more than 2.8 in height, 2.4 in width and 2.4 in depth.
  • The LEGO Friends Olivia Hamster Playground 41383 construction toy can be built together with all other original LEGO games and LEGO bricks for creative creation.
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Download instructions PDF plans for LEGO Olivia’s Hamster Playground Set 41383 (Booklet 1)

LEGO Friends 41383 Olivia’s Hamster Playground is a small and easy-to-build LEGO animal set featuring a clever hamster wheel with a gear function to spin it round. The tiny hamster motorcycle fits into the front so it looks like Harry is riding his motorbike round the wheel! It is built on a circular base that can be fitted onto the stage of LEGO Friends 41368 Andrea’s talent Show. Remove the motorbike from the wheel and drive these LEGO animals it around the playground, which also comprises a ramp, slalom and a hoop. Includes a LEGO Friends Olivia mini-doll figure, plus 3 hamster figures.

Encourages role-play

Kids can pretend to play with pets with their friends and explore their imagination.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Hamster Playground

Hamster wheel spins

A hamster can ride a motorcycle on the hamster wheel.

Adorable animal friends

These cute hamsters make for lovable role-play starters.

Launch the hamster

Kids will love launching the hamster car off the ramp.

Simple building experience

Play can start right away with this easy-to-build play set that is also compatible with 41368 Andrea’s Talent Show.

Includes Olivia mini-doll figure

Rumble, Harry and Molly hamster figures, plus slalom cones, playground sign and hoop accessory elements included.


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