LEGO Rapunzel’s Travelling Caravan Set

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  • It includes mini-dolls of Lego Disney Rapunzel and CASSANDRA, in addition to a figure of Maximus the horse.
  • The caravan has a space for sleeping on the floor, additional folding bed above, camping stove, food support, bow target, compartment for a treasure chest, harness and space for 2 mini-dolls to drive.
  • Accessories included: diary, flashlight, Cassandra sword, Rapunzel bow and arrow, hairbrush, crown, gem, bottle, pan, Rapunzel tiles, bread, carrot, apple and bucket
  • Customize this LEGO Disney princess toy by easily exchanging and rearranging features like the stove, the food stand and the bow target.
  • Combine it with Rapunzel Castle bedroom 41156 for more Disney’s Tanged: the fun series.
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Download instructions PDF plans for LEGO Rapunzel’s Travelling Caravan Set 41157 (Booklet 1)


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