LEGO Sergeant Jyn Erso Set [Online Only]

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  • Posable doll to build. It has blaster rifle with spring trigger.
  • With mobile combat arm and removable clubs. Load the blaster rifle and fire the automatic cannon. Put the clubs in Jyn’s hands and attack the enemy.
  • Move the limbs to any battle pose; The figure is more than 9 inches (24 cm) tall.
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Download instructions PDF plans for LEGO Sergeant Jyn Erso Set 75119 (Booklet 1)

Help the Rebel Alliance to take over the Empire with this figure of Jym Erso to build and highly posable. Includes a spring blaster rifle, swivel arm with combat function, and removable clubs. This figure is ideal for recreating the intense battles you saw in the movie Star Wars: Rogue One.

LEGO Sergeant Jyn Erso

Blast into Battle with Rebel Soldier Jyn Erso!

Conquer a building challenge and then take on the First Order in epic Star Wars battles with LEGO Star Wars Sergeant Jyn Erso. This buildable and posable figure is ready for combat, thanks to a blaster rifle with spring-loaded shooter and detachable back-mounted truncheons. The wheel-operated arm-swinging battle function amps up the intensity. To expand battle options, pair this figure with others in the Star Wars buildable figures series.

LEGO Star Wars Sergeant Jyn Erso Features and Functions:

Jyn Erso with posable limbs

Back-mounted truncheons

Put the truncheons in Jyn's hands and turn the wheel to swing at the enemy

Blaster rifle with spring-loaded shooter

Jyn Erso with posable limbs.

Back-mounted truncheons.

Put the truncheons in Jyn’s hands and turn the wheel to swing at the enemy.

Blaster rifle with spring-loaded shooter.


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