Mastermind-Animal Friends Board Game

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  • Break the hidden code of jungle animals
  • Features 3 levels of play
  • Designed for kids with jungle animals
  • Contains plastic game base with rocky mountain tray, 72 jungle animals in 6 colors, 15 red scoring pegs, 15 white scoring pegs
  • The classic game mastermind is now specially designed for kids

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Younger kids can develop their powers of logic and deduction in this game of code-cracking fun. This version is simplified for younger children and comes with colorful animal pegs, a jungle-and-mountain-theme board, and fewer code options. The point is the same: One player duplicates the other’s code in as few turns as possible. The code maker sets a code of 3 colored animals (choosing from 72 in six colors), and conceals it beneath a “rocky mountain” tray at his or her side of the board. In each of nine rows (of large holes), the code breaker attempts to replicate the pattern. After each row (or turn), the code maker places red or white creature pieces in the adjacent row of small holes, which gives the code breaker clues on how he or she doing. Complete instructions include rules for younger players (based on colors only), older players (color and position), and expert players (a blank-space option adds complexity). This challenging and fun game is for two players.

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