Monopoly Junior

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Exciting, Brain-Racking Game for Little Kids The Funskool Junior Monopoly board game is a simple, yet effective way to teach kids about the basics of finance and business management. Playtime just got more fun with this fast-paced, exciting money game. Ideal for kids as young as four years, this Junior Monopoly board game is a must-have addition to their games collection and will surely keep them engaged for hours at a stretch. It includes a junior game board, 24 chance cards, 48 plastic ticket booths, a pack of money, a dice and four car pieces that you use as tokens. Cultivate Skills of Money Management It is quite easy to play this Funskool Junior Monopoly game. A specific amount of money is allotted to each player and he/she selects a car token to represent them. Roll the dice and move your token around the board to collect salary and purchase property. If you purchase the entire set of a particular property, you can build houses. When another player lands on any of your property, he/she is required to pay a specific fee amount. The businessman who owns maximum property and money wins the game. Teach your child property and money management with this Junior Monopoly game.

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