Nuvita Baby Massaging Teether

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  • Gum massager in soft rubber suitable for the initial teething period. The large massaging surface with its 3D texture relieves and gently stimulates inflamed gums.
  • Its elongated shape also allows the gums above the molars to be massaged. The ring offers another surface with an irregular texture making it satisfying to bite on.

Massaging teether for relieving irritated gum pain. Suitable for soothing the child from the discomfort caused by irritated gums as a result of teeth growth especially when the child is not yet able to hold a teething ring in its hands. As the baby sucks, the soft material provides relief by massaging the gums.
Baby Teether developed for baby’s first teething phase and provides instant relief especially in the area of front teeth* Extra small, light as a feather and ideal for on-the-go* Especially suitable for small babies from 2 months on
* BPA Free



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