Portable Electric Swing

Product Code: RI 806

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  • Electric swing, 3 levels of force adjustment, can control the swing strength
  • Timing sleep, 3 timing adjustment, can set the appropriate swing time
  • Sleep music, built-in 12 sleep music, and can adjust the volume of music
  • Cute pendants, rocking chairs with cute animal pendants to attract the baby to play
  • Comfortable pillow with cute and comfortable cartoon pillow to protect the baby’s head and give the baby a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment
  • Power supply mode, 2 kinds of power supply modes, direct power supply (with 100-240V power adapter) or 4 batteries of 5th battery (5th battery needs to be provided), feel free to use anytime, anywhere
  • Suitable Age: 3+
  • Size: 104*75*87 cm
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 Baby sleep bed cradle swing automatic portable swing bed babyBaby sleep bed cradle swing automatic portable swing bed baby


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