Pur Dosing Bottle

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  • 10cc. / 2 teaspoons.
  • Composed of silicone teat to ensure baby takes liquid drug easily.
  • Comes with transparent case for hygiene.
  • Transparent color to ensure hygienic cleaning.
  • Easy to take apart and re-assemble.
  • Break resistant and can be sterilized repeatedly.
  • Made of high quality plastic and silicone material
  • Teat is volatile and nitrosamine safe.

Our PUR Medical Nurser in BD is a convenient product for feeding the baby’s medicine. It is with a soft silicone teat with a dosage scale to make it easier to feed the baby’s medicine. Nipple on the bottle made of high-quality silicone and it comes with a clear plastic storage box. This quality product is hygienic, clear in color, easy to check, easy to remove, and durable. It can be boiled/steamed repeatedly.



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