Reptile Musical Toy

Product Code: RI 997

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  • Brand Name: HUILE TOYS
  • Model Number: 997
  • Features: Electronic
  • Note: 3 * 1.5AG Battery (Not included)
  • Age range: 0-12 months

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1. Help your child learn to crawl and improve Cognitive skills.

2. Press and release the back of the worm To make it move.


Help your child learn to crawl and improve Balance and coordination.

1. Pushing the toy helps your child learn more about the causes and effects.

2. Help your child recognize different colors, sounds and directions.

Hand-eye coordination

The stretchy body and advanced design help improve hand-eye coordination.

Music button and colored wheels

1. Press the button to play a song! Six different songs.

2. Pink front wheels with swirl pattern and blue rear wheels with colorful beads help improve observation skills

Flashing lights and rotating head

1. Watch the lights flash in time with the music!

2. Fully rotating head with sound effects

Product Size:

Height: 13cm
Length: 20cm


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