Shopkins Cutie Cars Bumper Bakery Collection 3-Pack

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  • The Cutie Cars 3 Pack has 3 times the cuteness!
  • Check out the Bumper Bakery Collection! Three little yummy runabouts who rise to the occasion!
  • Happy B SUV – Every day is a happy day for this Cutie Car!
  • A real party car that will do anything to make her friends wishes come true!
  • Any reason is a good reason to celebrate.

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Features: A sweet luxurious chocolate interior. Likes/Dislikes: Loves to make wishes come true! Choc-Cherry Wheels loves spending afternoon tea with her buddies. There’s nothing better than having a picnic in a car park on a sunny day then swimming with friends in a car pool! Model: Buddy Buggy Features: Highly decorated award-winning cutie! Likes/Dislikes: Loves socializing. She has dozens of sweet friends! Rainbow Rider***Exclusive Cutie Car . She can make magic happen and spends her day searching for pots of gold! Model: Speedy SUV Features: Super colorful to brighten the cloudiest day! Likes/Dislikes: Singing sweet songs in the rain!
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