Super Motorcycle Baby Walker Glide

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The Speed Motorbikes are ideal training to balance bikes for children aged 3+. With wide base wheels the bike is able to stand unaided. A balance bike develops a strong sense of balance once children get used to riding it. This gives children more confidence on 2 wheel bikes due to it’s pedal less design as their feet are directly on the ground.

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Streamlined and stylish appearance
Large wheels for good stability
Easy to hold handles
Lightweight and rugged
Ideal for indoors and outdoors use
Minimal assembly required (only handlebar grips to be attached)
Material: Polyurethane Moulded Shell
Size: 60cm Long x 30cm High
Seat Height: 24cm, Wheel Width: 13cm
Comes boxed size 60cm x 20cm x 30cm
Suitable for ages 3+


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