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Telescope with Tripod 35x, 56x, 175x

৳ 20,895.00

  • Professional and modern telescope made of high quality metal alloy parts.
  • Professional ring gear with fast focus control.
  • Fine adjustment of the eyepiece of focus.
  • With alcohol level and adjustable compass for easy installation.
  • Includes azimuth and elevation to read location.

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Technical specifications:
– lens diameter: 60 mm
– focus length: 700 mm
– lens: 20 mm, 12.5 mm, 4 mm
– diagonal mirror
– 3x Barlow lens Tripod
height: 114 cm
How to calculate the telescope magnification (example): 
If the longest lens (45 mm) is used, then multiplying its increase by increasing the eyepiece (10x), we obtain a total magnification of 450 times, i.e. the object will be enlarged 450 times. and with an increase in the eyepiece in 20x we get an increase in the observed drug in 900x
Pack of pcs / box . 3
units cube measurements foot. 4.662
Box size 30.7 X 6.1 X 12.2 ”
Packing size, cm 31.5 X 13 X 19.7”


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