Tong Garden – Salted Peanut Can-150gm

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Many of us do not know that nuts are just enough nutritious than nut-fried or salted nuts. It contains a lot of protein, which helps in body formation and muscle formation. Peanut contains a type of acid called Acid Acid, which reduces bad blood fat or cholesterol and increases beneficial cholesterol. Its role is essential to keep youth in for a long time. Vitamin ‘B’ in the nut is adequate. Nutrient quality of grains, packaged nuts or open nuts in the market decreases in a lot. So it is better to eat nuts than peels. It contains mineral salt magnesium. This body is essential for the body to tighten the tooth with the teeth and the skin and hair are brighter, smooth.Iron is the main component of blood formation in body. Iron plays an important role in keeping nuts properly. So pregnant babies, growing babies, nut snacks for adults Nuts are important for children who have diarrhea again and again. Because, it has more zinc quantity. And the zinc diarrhea helps to overcome the post-complications. Diabetic patients do not eat nuts if you have kidney problems. Because, almonds have high protein or protein. However, if diabetes is in control, you can eat nuts when high blood pressure.


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