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Tools Table Set

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  • Set to construct consist of elements, which will make every boy a huge jollies.
  • Having a possibility to copy their fathers, handyman in each home, will certainly make several years child feel maturely and also more responsible.
  • Using a stet which is presented here during the play will help in amplification of a child in many grounds – manual works have an amazing impact on child’s coordinate, logical thinking and also creativity.

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– table’s construction,
– set of stickers,
– car’s construction,
– lock rings,
– a hammer,
– saws,
– screwdriver with replaceable ends,
– wheels,
– woods,
– monkey wrenches,
– screws,
– nuts,
– other necessary elements

Set which is presented here consist from big construction of the table with the side shelves on with are placed various tools and accessories. The toy has a neutral, simple coloring – this is a connection of black, green and light grey colour. Some of the tools have red details but all of them are safe for children. Each toy distinguishes amazing design and also a size adjusted especially for several years old boys’ hands.

Array of additions and accessories allows for incredibly interesting fun – not only for one person. The tools which are included to the set will let you to create a car on two ways – cement mixer and road roller with a mobile shoulder. We are pretty sure that this toy will fulfill each boy’s dreams!

Young constructor’s set is designed with the youngest boys in mind. It will be a perfect toy fo all of the children over 3 years old. All of the set’s elements are made of high-test materials, what guarantees safe of using and also long-lasting of a to. Construction of all elements is perfect in every detail, so each child will get a bang out of this toy. It is packed into big, cardboard box, it has CE certificate what makes it a perfect idea for a gift.
Dimensions of set’s elements:
– spreaded table: 86 cm x 31 cm x 83 cm,
– big lock ring: 9,5 cm,
– handsaw: 18 cm x 8 cm,
– monkey wrench: 14,5 cm x 2,5 cm,
– a hammer: 15 cm x 9 cm,
– screws: 4,5 cm,
– saw: 15 cm x 13 cm.



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