Funskool Doctor Dough Kit

৳ 2,550.00

Playing a vet doctor is sure to keep all your pet animals hale and healthy . With the Fundough Doctor Dough kit, Shape some teeth, make some bandages,use the toothbrush, dough knife, tweezers and the inspection mirror to nurse your pets back to health

Age-  3 Years+

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1)Hippopotamus mould -1nos.
2)Crocodile mould -1nos.
3)Snake mould -1nos (2parts :body and stomach).
4)Monkey mould – 1nos.
5)Doctors bag -1nos.
6)Teeth mould -1nos
7)Extruder-1nos (2parts :body and plunger)
8) Tooth brush -1nos
9)Dough knife -1nos
10)Inspection mirror -1nos.
11)Tweezer -1nos
12)Fundough tub -4tubs(50g each)
13)Instruction sheet.


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