Hot Wheels Figure 8 Raceway Playset

Product Code: RI GGF92

৳ 8,390

  • Power your Hot Wheels vehicles through deep loops and quick bench turns
  • With over 6 feet of track on this motorized track
  • Three settings mean triple the fun of racing
  • Run to your friends and whoever survives without crashing wins
  • Includes Hot Wheels track set and a Hot Wheels vehicle

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Hot Wheels Figure 8 Raceway
Hot Wheels Figure 8 Raceway is a simple, easy to assemble and enjoyable play set. Children race cars through loops and on a motorized track.
Why you will love it: It is exciting to change gears and clock speed the car to max.
Age: 5 to 9 years
Improves interest in cars.
Requires batteries: 3 D batteries (not included).


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