Nuvita Mimic Baby Feeding Bottle 250ml

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  • Special teat that imitates the maternal breast in terms of its shape, elasticity, movement and physical feel
  • Generous lip support surface imitating the shape and warmth of the breast
  • Baby has the physical sensation of skin-on-skin contact with his mother
  • “Colic reduction” system: through the special valve, the air goes into the base of the bottle, avoiding its mixing with the milk
  • Baby is able to feed without swallowing air
Being able to breastfeed for as long as possible is of great benefit for both mother and baby. But sometimes this is simply not possible. This can result from health problems of the mother or suckling issues with the baby. Or it can be because the mother has returned to work and is away from home for many hours at a time. Nuvita research has created Mimic®, the innovative feeding bottle that helps you to alternate between breast and bottle in a natural way.
  • Flat and longer nipple to facilitate the natural tongue peristaltic movement.
  • The hollow base simulates the natural elasticity of the maternal nipple during breastfeeding.
  • 360°, flexible nipple.
  • The broad surface enhances the sensation of being in contact with the maternal breast.
  • Skin-like surface to resemble the real nipple.
  • By entering from the base of the bottle, the air never mixes with milk. Nuvita Mimic Colic reduction system.
  • Ergonomic – easy to grab.
  • 3 sizes – 150, 250ml.
  • Ergonomic design for an easy opening with just one finger.

The Nuvita Mimic feeding bottle teats are available with :

  • Slow flow (0m+).
  • Medium flow (3m+).





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