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  • SKU: Q3-1
  • Age: 1- 36 months old
  • Material: Alloy and high quality baby safe fabric
  • Color: Green, gray, red
  • Dimensions (DxRxC): 74 x 46 x 100 cm
  • Seat dimensions (DxRxC): 31.5 x 76 x 78 cm
  • In lying position 175 degrees
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Maximum load: 20kg
  • Posture: 3 positions sitting, reclining, lying
  • Brand: Seebaby
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Seebaby stroller Q3-1 is seebaby’s premium stroller line. The chassis is made of high-quality alloy, withstands large loads, high-quality fabric, breathable, safe for babies.
The Seebaby Q3-1 baby stroller is a new stroller with a design quite similar to the Seebaby QQ3 stroller , but it is more innovative in the plaid pattern so it looks very nice, and the roof is also made more compact, so Seebaby Q3-1 baby stroller is super strong
with a high-quality metal frame that can withstand a large load combined with high-quality, breathable, and safe fabric.

The product has a safe and convenient design with a brake system, a roof, a seat belt … so moms feel secure when using it for babies.
Seebaby Q3-1 super strong baby stroller Material: sturdy metal frame, load-bearing for babies from birth to up to 20kg, in addition, the front part of the frame is covered by soft plastic, No edges, no harm to baby’s hand skin.

Seebaby Q3-1 baby stroller is super strong The fabric is completely made of breathable fabric, suitable for summer, the ventilation system around the car is completely mesh-type, allowing air to circulate and help circulate. atmosphere for the car and create the most comfortable feeling for the baby

Seebaby Q3-1 stroller super strong The canopy design can control many angles, avoiding sunlight and dust; the canopy captures deeper

– 4-wheel safety locking system, the car’s protective belt can be disassembled very conveniently.

In addition, the safety brake system helps mother and baby move more safely in public places.

Backrest can be adjusted up to 150 degrees in 3 positions: sitting, reclining, lying

Seebaby Q3-1 baby stroller is super strong and spacious at the bottom, so moms can put diapers or some items when taking the baby out or to the supermarket.

– The car can be folded when not in use

The Seebaby Q3-1 stroller is an ultra-lightweight stroller that is lightweight, easy to fold, and definitely suitable for traveling.
High-quality vehicle construction materials, ultra-lightweight, super-durable aluminum alloy frame, high-quality dry cloth.
The stroller has a belt and seat belt system to help you feel secure when letting your child go out with the Seebaby Q3-1 stroller.
There is a spacious storage compartment for children to play.
Can recline 175 degrees in different levels to bring the most comfort to your baby.
Elegant and beautiful striped fabric color combination.
Young rubber wheels help the car operate more smoothly, bringing comfort to the baby.
Safety gear locking system.





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