Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll

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  • Dive into design with Barbie and Crayola — the Barbie Dreamtopia Color Magic Mermaid doll has a bodice, tail and fins meant to be colored on with the included Crayola washable color wands!
  • ​Three different Crayola color wands mean endless possibilities for customization — choose from pink, blue and purple; use one or all three!
  • ​To start a new look, use the included cloth (with a rainbow print) to wipe a design away and create a clean slate — draw a pattern, unique design or cool graphic and color in.
  • ​Accessorize with the pink tiara and blue sea-inspired necklace for fantasy finishing touches; they look fabulous with her purple-streaked blonde hair!
  • ​With the ability to start over and over again, this color-on mermaid doll makes a great gift for young artists, designers and other creatives!

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Create Magical Designs with Barbie Dreamtopia and Crayola!

Discover the magical, make-believe world of Barbie Dreamtopia and dive into creativity with Barbie Dreamtopia and Crayola Color Magic Mermaid doll! Imagined by Chelsea, the youngest sister of Barbie, Dreamtopia is filled with fantastical lands that have sparkling characters from a gemstone mountain, cotton candy clouds with flying fairies or rainbow rivers and mermaids, like this rainbow-inspired Barbie mermaid with coloring fun!

Color Barbie Doll’s Outfit with Crayola Color Wands!

Barbie Dreamtopia doll encourages creative expression with three Crayola washable color wands and an outfit that’s designed for coloring! Use the crayons to draw a pattern, a graphic or whatever you dream up, on her bodice, tail and fin. Three different color wands – pink, purple and blue – allow for endless designs and stories to go with them!

Dive Into Creativity and Personal Expression!GCG67

Use one, two or all three colors; decorate everywhere or in select spots; express a mood, an idea or artwork. Try anything and everything because it’s easy to erase and start again – simply use the rainbow-colored cloth to wipe away a design and start with a clean slate. Barbie doll has lots of white space to customize and a pink tiara and blue necklace to accessorize


Sail Away with Barbie!

Young imaginations can dream up all kinds of looks with Barbie Dreamtopia and Crayola Color Magic Mermaid doll! With so much opportunity for creative expression, the design set makes a great gift for young artists, designers and other creative kids. Create new fairytales, explore new lands and sail away with Chelsea and big sister Barbie to magical lands where adventure never stops and imagination soars! Collect all the Dreamtopia dolls and toys to build out the magical world and even more playtime possibilities.


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