Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair Doll

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  • Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair doll sparks young imaginations to design distinct hairstyles with sparkle gel, hair accessories and wow features
  • ​This Barbie doll has a hidden rainbow with five colours in her extra-long blonde hair that measures 19 cm long
  • ​The included sparkle gel combs into Barbie doll’s hair with ease for added shimmer and that wow effect
  • ​Young stylists can create fun braids, ponytails, pigtails, buns, partial updos and more using the included hairclips, hairbands and brush Barbie accessories.
  • Includes a Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair doll, comb with sparkle gel, brush and other Barbie accessories
  • ​When it’s time for a new look, the sparkle washes out easily with water – repeat over and over to explore different looks and play out different stories
  • ​This Barbie doll kids toy wears a versatile look to match her hair: A black t-shirt with rainbow graphic is paired with a silvery metallic skirt and accessorised with black shoes and silvery hoop earrings
  • ​With so much opportunity for creativity and fun, Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair doll makes a great gift for 5 to 7 year olds, especially those who love styling hair and exploring new looks

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Barbie doll hides a rainbow of colour in her 19 cm extra-long hair that can be styled for many, fabulous wow moments over and over again. Includes Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair doll girls’ toy wearing fashion Barbie accessories and extra-long hair, sparkle gel tube, comb and hair accessories. Doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.
Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair doll inspires imaginations to create so many hairstyles and the stories to go along with them. Plus, she comes with a sparkle gel tube with comb and accessories for even more distinct looks. A squeeze of the gel-filled comb adds shimmer to Barbie doll’s colorful locks, while the clips and hairbands add extra style with ponytails, pigtails, braids, updos and so much more. Barbie fans will love taking her hair down, washing out the sparkle with water and starting over for a whole new look. This kids’ toy makes a great gift for budding 5 to 7 years old stylists who will love expressing themselves with dazzling looks over and over again. Barbie doll wears an outfit to match her hair with a rainbow graphic on her shirt and a silvery metallic skirt. Each new look can spark a different story and a new idea because when children play with Barbie they imagine everything they can become.


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